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Copy Artifact Plugin

Adds a build step to copy artifacts from another project. 他のプロジェクトの成果物をコピーして取り込むプラグイン。

Jenkins Cobertura Plugin

This plugin integrates Cobertura coverage reports to Jenkins. Coberturaをつかってチェックしたカバレッジ情報を集計・保存するプラグイン。

Email-ext plugin

Jenkins Email Extension Plugin. This plugin allows you to configure every aspect of email notifications. You can customize when an email is sent, who should receive it, and what the email says. E-mail送信機能を拡張するプラグイン

Build Trigger Badge Plugin

This plugin displays an icon representing the cause of a construction. ビルドのトリガーがなんだったのかを表示してくれるプラグイン

JobConfigHistory? Plugin

This plugin displays an icon representing the cause of a construction. JobのConfigurationを履歴で保存してくれるプラグイン

Configuration Slicing Plugin


Redmine プラグイン


Build Pipeline Plugin

This plugin renders upstream and downstream connected jobs that typically form a build pipeline. In addition, it offers the ability to define manual triggers for jobs that require intervention prior to execution, e.g. an approval process outside of Jenkins.

Promoted Builds Plugin


Dependency Graph View Plugin

Shows a dependency graph of the projects using graphviz. Requires a graphviz installation on the server.


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